13 May is an important milestone for TEXNOPARK development. First-class quality, efficiency of our products is recognised by the most popular company in Uzbekistan - AKFA. A people's brand needs no introduction. For more than 20 years the company has earned trust of buyers and partners. AKFA products are present on all continents. We start OEM cooperation. Now TEXNOPARK became a full member of global sales network AKFA with a right to present building materials with AKFA BUILD brand.

We unite 20 plants, producing high-technology demanded industrial products, household appliances and building materials. Among our business partners are world-renowned companies such as SAMSUNG, FEROLLI, LEO, and now AKFA. In just 4 years, our lifts, smart gas meters, cooling systems, basalt wool, panel radiators, and other products have found their niche in the domestic market, and are already present in the CIS markets. However, our goal is a larger scale expansion and global promotion of the products under the brand known in many countries of the world. The partnership with AKFA is a unique chance to reach ambitious goals.

AKFA BUILD - a modern solution for buildings!

P.S. Sales phone numbers:
📞 95-323-33-33
📞 95-325-55-55