The best advertisement for any product is its quality AKFA and LIDER panel radiators. High heat output, durability, aesthetics.
One of the main criteria for ensuring the quality of radiators is compliance with European standards, as well as standards applicable in the EEU countries. Company policy provides for systematic work to improve the quality of radiators. It is based on raising the technical level of product requirements. In order to achieve this goal, a partnership has been established with the Eurasian Association for the Heating System Market. It has initiated the revision of existing interstate standards (GOST) and the development of new GOSTs for heating systems. The cooperation will enable the manufacturer to participate in the processes of revising the GOST standards in force in the CIS countries. As a result of this work, the technical skills of our specialists in the field of quality assessment and its continuous monitoring will be improved, and the characteristics and functionality of the produced panel radiators AKFA and LIDER will be improved.