"TEXNOPARK" LLC is a manufacturer of elevators and escalators, as well as elevator equipment.  As you know, a large-scale program is being implemented in our capital to replace obsolete elevators.  To date, 800 elevators have already been renovated in multi-storey residential buildings.

The purpose of the current visit of a delegation of heads of private homeowners' associations (HOA), companies for the maintenance of multi-storey buildings is to discuss issues of improving the installation process, as well as clarify the rules for operating elevators.



During the meeting, more than 90 guests were directly shown the production process of elevators and escalators, the elevator test tower, and the dispatch center.  Experts answered all the questions of interest to managers.


In the conference hall of "TEXNOPARK" LLC, officials of the production of elevators and escalators and the service center presented in detail the capabilities of the elevators, answered the most popular questions, discussed the conditions of technical inspection and maintenance of the elevators during the warranty (5 years) and post-warranty periods.

The meeting ended with lunch in the central dining room of "TEXNOPARK" LLC.