Occupational health and safety is of paramount importance to us. Preventive measures and preventive measures that are regularly carried out at production sites contribute to compliance with occupational safety standards and accident prevention.
HSE department of TEXNOPARK regularly performs complex measures of organizational and technical nature aimed at creation of safe working conditions at production facilities, which allow decreasing or preventing of occupational injuries. Employees are taught how to handle emergency situations of natural and technogenic character, such as fire, earthquake, depressurization of pressurized systems, chemical spills, etc.

Also, at the time of hiring, candidates undergo a compulsory safety course. Classes include lessons on first aid and how to deal with injuries of varying severity, use of primary firefighting tools, etc.

"TEXNOPARK implements safety procedures and training programmes to ensure that all employees have the skills, knowledge and adherence to safety precautions. Comprehensive measures include: provision of personal protective equipment, regular safety inspections and training, as well as having an emergency response plan in place.

Safety is everyone's responsibility; only by working together can we create a safe environment for everyone.