More than 200 installers of "Shivaki" refrigeration and air conditioning systems came to Tashkent to participate in the award ceremony for the best, based on the results of work for 2021.
The event began with an excursion to "TEXNOPARK" LLC, where they got acquainted with the production of Shivaki refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Also, a training seminar was held on the types of products and the analysis of the installation process.

In the evening in the restaurant of the hotel "Uzbekistan" there was a festive banquet and an award ceremony for the best, with the participation of artists, dance ensembles and famous comedians, such as: Davron Kabulov, VIA "KARAVAN", Shukirullo Isroilov.

The best installers in the nominations received the following prizes:

- most Innovative Partner of the Year - Apple MacBook Air 2021
- 3 most initiative partners of the year - Apple iPad Pro 2021;
- 5 best partners of the year - Apple Iphone 13 pro.

At the end of the evening, all the participants were presented with gifts.