To use the maximum efficiency of solar energy will help solar panels. TEXNOPARK is expanding its production under the ROYAL brand. In September the production of solar photovoltaic panels (ROYAL) will start. The plant's annual capacity is 1,100,000 pcs/year. This is equivalent to 600 MW/year.
The range of solar panels consists of 14 models: 450W, 500W, 550W, 600W, 670W, 700W.
Planned and release of panels Bifacial capacity of 450 and 550 watts. This kind of model allows you to get the energy from the back side of the panel. Accordingly, the total power will be additionally increased.
The modern equipment which will be used in the production of the ROYAL panels will ensure a fully automated production process. It also uses the most advanced technology and use high efficiency solar cells: PERC, TopCON, HTJ, and increased number of interconnections from 9 to 22 Busbar will reduce the load falling on the solar panel. Among a number of advantages of ROYAL panels: special glass with anti-reflective coating (ARC). It allows the solar energy to pass through unhindered and protects the surface from external influences. It also guarantees high slip resistance. That means dust can't settle on the surface of the panels. The use of specialized ESTUN, KUKA industrial robots will ensure a guaranteed high quality of the final energy saving product, with an efficiency of over 21.7%.
Our solar panels ROYAL will also be certified by the world agencies TUV, CE, CSA, making it possible to export to Europe and America.
The project will be implemented in partnership with companies from the Republic of Korea and China. They are in top 5 leading manufacturers of equipment for using renewable energy sources. Their share of the world market presence is more than 60%.

In implementation of TEXNOPARK prospective project aimed at solving tasks indicated by the President of Uzbekistan on effective implementation of "green technologies" the competence of leading specialists and experts in the field of engineering from Italy, South Korea and China, having successful experience of implementing advanced technologies at such enterprises as Longi, Jinko, Canadian Solar, etc., are actively involved.