In 2018, an agreement on socio-economic cooperation for 2019-2023 was signed between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  There are more than 100 cooperation agreements between the universities of the two countries, within the framework of which research work is carried out, and experience is exchanged.

Within the framework of this project, the production of block heating units is being organized on the territory of "TEXNOPARK" LLC.  For the implementation of this project, "TEPLOSILA" was chosen as a partner, being a leading enterprise in this industry, as well as having colossal experience and a serious engineering base.  In 2021, "TEXNOPARK" LLC and "TEPLOSILA" Group of Companies signed a consortium agreement, within the framework of which not only equipment for the production of block heating units is supplied, but also comprehensive technical support is provided.

The Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation (HGV) of Brest State Technical University has been selected for training specialists of "TEXNOPARK" LLC.  Currently, there are five unique modern specialized educational laboratories at the Department of HGV.

“We were sent here to improve our qualifications. There is a very good material and technical base, both practice and theory are combined,” said Maxim Orlov, a design engineer at "TEXNOPARK" LLC.

"Our main task is to study individual heating units. In Uzbekistan, this is a new direction. For us, this is a very useful experience in terms of implementing new projects in the republic," added chief designer Rustam Nadirov to his colleague.

The block heat point is as close as possible to real conditions, is fully operational, which allows you to study all the processes occurring in it, up to the remote transmission of the coolant parameters and programming the controller parameters through the application.
In the laboratories of the HGV department, three specialists of "TEXNOPARK" LLC were trained as part of the course “Advanced training in the field of heat supply. Modern automated heating points of heat supply systems. Modern energy-saving heating and hot water supply systems ”.

The business trip of specialists is designed for 11 days.  After Brest they will go to the "TEPLOSILA" plant, where they will get acquainted with the production of block heating units in practice.