UZ COPPER has mastered the production of new types of copper products. Reefnets (splitters) and large diameter copper pipes. The aforementioned sought-after products are used in heating, cooling and gas supply systems.

The range of straight pipes includes 29 items.
Diameter from 22 to 47mm, wall thickness from 07 to 1.3mm.

The refractor model range includes 3 items.
The plant has the capacity to produce refnets according to the sizes and requirements of the customer.

This type of products is necessary for connection of copper fittings and pipes.
Advantages of UZ COPPER copper products:

-Long service life;
-High corrosion properties;
-Resistant to high and low temperatures;
-Ability to withstand high pressure;
-Easy and durable assembly of pipes due to high flexibility and elasticity of copper;
-High level of mechanical resistance to hydraulic damage;
-Universal connectivity;
-Not affected by ultraviolet light;
-Excellent bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties;
-The possibility of recycling the material after the expiration of the term of operation;
-Competitive price.

UZ COPPER products are manufactured under control of integrated quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 1 45001.