On October 4, 2021, a business forum was held on the territory of "TEXNOPARK" LLC with the participation of the business circles of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.  Also, a large-scale exhibition "Made in Uzbekistan" was organized here.


These events are timed to coincide with the official visit of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to our republic on October 4-5, this year.

Participants and guests of the business event not only discussed topical issues of further development of bilateral trade and economic relations, but also got acquainted with a wide range of goods and products of a number of industries and enterprises of Uzbekistan.


Industrial production companies, associations and departments:
Association "Tukimachilik";
Furniture industry;
Jewelry products of the "FONON" plant - "Uzbekzargarsanoat";
Products "Uzmetkombinat";
Ministry of Agriculture;
Ministry of Defense;


The visitors paid a lot of attention to the stands with the products of "TEXNOPARK" LLC.

Modern technological developments were presented here, including such world brands as:

- "Shivaki": industrial climatic equipment;
- "Shivaki Frigo Cool": industrial refrigeration equipment and freezers;
- "Osten": elevators and escalators;
- "Leo": pumping units.

This industrial equipment is produced at the ultra-modern production facilities of "TEXNOPARK" and meets world standards for quality, reliability and safety.


The past business event is of great importance in the context of the further deepening of relations between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

In trade and economic terms, the exhibition can contribute to the following long-term preferences for our country:

- bringing the Uzbek-Turkmen trade relations to a higher level, first of all, increasing export flows from Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan;

- access - through the international seaport of Turkmenbashi - to more optimal and economically viable export routes for the supply of domestic equipment to foreign markets.

The participation of "TEXNOPARK" LLC in the international forum and the presentation of technological potential is another effective tool for the presentation of successful and productive activities aimed at increasing the export potential of 12 manufacturing plants.