"TEXNOPARK" LLC was the first local manufacturer to receive the right to use the CE (Conformité Européenne)* mark on commercial freezers for sale in the European Union markets.

The CE certificate has been issued in accordance with European directives and entitles you to use the CE mark for sale in the European and Turkish markets. Thus, "TEXNOPARK" LLC gained access to the markets of 27 EU countries and Turkey with populations of 450 and 80 million, respectively. In the course of the conformity assessment, it was confirmed that the commercial freezers manufactured by "TEXNOPARK" LLC comply with the requirements of the European standards EN 60335-2-89: 2010 and EN 61000 for electrical safety and electromagnetic flexibility.

*CE marking confirms that the product is made from safe raw materials, and the manufacturer of this product complies with the required standards and has passed all the necessary checks.