Already in March, a stable + temperature is established in Uzbekistan. And the traditionally long, hot period comes very quickly. This means that the basic task for trading companies and owners of private shops specializing in the retail sale of ice cream and soft drinks, seafood, semi-finished products and frozen food products is the impeccable preservation of the taste, quality and presentation of products.

"TEXNOPARK" LLC invites for cooperation enterprises engaged in the production, storage, supply and sale of frozen food products, as well as medicines.

Trade freezers "Shivaki Frigo Cool" will ensure the safety of meat, dairy products, seafood, ice cream and drinks, as well as medicines, medical products.

The quality of the "Shivaki Frigo Cool" freezing equipment manufactured in "TEXNOPARK" LLC is confirmed by certificates of compliance with international quality standards: CE, EAC, TÜV Thüringen and HACCP.

We produce 8 types of chest freezers with double, hinged, sliding and showcase doors. Useful volume from 250 to 450 liters. The height of most chest freezers is 89-91 cm. The length and width are 100-150 cm and 60-75 cm, respectively. Weight ranges from 43 to 72 kg. Temperature range from -12 C to -24 C.

Advantages of "Shivaki Frigo Cool":

- compliance with world quality criteria;
- high levels of energy efficiency and cooling;
- innovative design of the evaporator, which ensures maximum moisture retention of products;
- prolonged cooling period without defrosting, optimizing operating costs;
- one year - warranty period, two years - free service;

We build relationships with partners on mutually beneficial terms and are able to fulfill the largest order. The production capacity of our plant is 75,000 pcs/year.

Detailed information can be found at the specified contacts:

(95) 323-33-33
(95) 325-55-55