Training Center

Head of Training Center
Babatulayev Botir Baxramovich
Reception: daily 10:00am - 16:00
Теl: +998 97 715 06 40; +998 71 210 80 80 (0007)


Individual training center of the Texnopark LLC has been operating since 2020.


   The main objectives of the Texnopark Training Center are short-term training, advanced training and retraining of employees.


A VR (Virtual Reality) system has been introduced into the TEXNOPARK Training Center. The program was developed by TEXNOPARK specialists in partnership with VRonica. The skills of assembling mechanical and electronic parts of the OSTEN gas smart-meter, G4 model can be practiced at the 1st stage, on the VR simulator. Further it is planned to introduce virtual training programs for specialists from other TEXNOPARK industrial production facilities.

The VR simulator also has an exam function that allows instructors to assess the training level of new employees. Upon successful passing of the exam, new employees will be able to move to the real assembly line.

This process will significantly speed up and scale up the training process for new employees, however what is more important, it will reduce foozles during the assembly process which will accordingly reduce the number of spoilages in production.



  • Increasing labor productivity and production efficiency;
  • Increasing the level of knowledge and professional skills of employees of enterprises producing household, industrial and construction products;
  • Providing assistance for mastering modern technologies;
  • Robotic technology management skills training;
  • Employment in accordance with the chosen profession and specialty;
  • Procedural guidelines for improving the educational process and improving the quality of products;
  • Implementing complex measures aimed at introducing modern educational and information technologies, effective forms and methods of career guidance;
  • Developing updated curricula and programs that meet international requirements for content and quality;
  • Participating in promotion activities of achievements in manufacturing of the country through conferences, exhibitions and other events in establishing, expanding and strengthening international affairs;
  • Strengthening the material and technical base of the center, providing paid educational services, increasing the professional competence of methodologists.
  • Conducting educational, methodological, practical, organizational, as well as spiritual and educational work.



Training is conducted in the following areas:

  1. Operator for mechanical and electrical work. The training develops the ability to use and operate equipment on the assembly lines of factories.
  2. Control operator of the robot-manipulator. Employees are introduced to the types of robots, taught how to use and program them.
  3. Computer control operator. The training provides the skills to use and commission computerized equipment and devices.
  4. Quality control officer. In this direction methods of product quality control, measuring and testing instruments are taught.
  5. Internal logistics and warehouse employee. The training provides knowledge and skills of the rules for the use of storage facilities, on the methods of transportation.
  6. Welder. Trainees are taught skills by types, methods and applications of metal welding.


For each direction, the groups are tested at the entrance exam, after which theoretical and practical classes are held within the timelines specified in the programs. At the end of the training, each candidate submits the final work, on its basis his/her knowledge is assessed. In case of successful completion of the final work, the Training center issues a certificate of training completion. Thereafter employees will be able to start their careers in manufacturing.

   The Training Center also offers additional courses in English and Russian, Computer literacy and Accounting.

   An information resource center is functioning in the Training center. For amateur readers, a collection of books has been collected, including electronic textbooks.

   The Training Center conducts psychological and motivational classes, events (conferences, forums, trainings, competitions, seminars, master classes, contests) aimed at developing the skills and professional knowledge of employees.



Courses offered by the Center

* For reference, a 24-hour course of study lasts one month and is conducted three times a week, one class (one class is equal to two academic hours).

The centers are staffed with potential professors and teachers, mainly in the field of technology, occupational safety and language, and currently more than 40 trainers work in the regional branches.



Umirzokova Shakhzoda

Specialist of the TEXNOPARK Training center library

A library has been created within the «TEXNOPARK» LLC Training Center which currently has more than 1000 publications. Our books can be found not only in our library, but also in all manufacturing plants. Our books are widely distributed in dedicated reading corners. One can take the book needed and read it. A person in charge is at every corner. An electronic library is also operating here. One can subscribe to the telegram-channel of the «TEXNOPARK» Training Center library via One can find books by special number or by writing the name of the author. The library has books in various areas including publications of the President in the arts, production, psychological and many other areas. In our library one can read the literature of the best and most popular Uzbek writers.




Xojakbarov Saidaxror  

Chief specialist of the training center LLC "TECHNOPARK", department for organizing the educational process of the warehouse and logistics in production.

A room of robot-manipulators has been created at the TECHNOPARK LLC Training Center where a robot-manipulator manufactured by KR 6 P900-2 is installed in the cell. It provides basic knowledge and skills to operators and process engineers of manufacturing plants. We have a 9-day course of study covering everything from basic knowledge to basic programming. Upon the arrival of the staff, an initial control test is conducted, after 50 hours of training, a final control is conducted, the initial and final results are checked, and the employee is issued a recommendation and special certificates.








Rakhimjonov Djavlonbek

Chief specialist of the TEKHNOPARK LLC Training center, Department of the Training Process, the Warehouse and Logistics at production.

The TEXNOPARK LLC Training Center has an assembly room for mechanical and electrical parts where the process of assembling mechanical and electrical parts are being taught. It provides basic knowledge and skills to operators and process engineers of manufacturing plants. We have a five-day training course that covers everything from basic knowledge to flawless assembly of mechanical and electrical parts. Upon arrival, staff members are given an initial quiz and theoretical knowledge, thereafter theoretical knowledge, hands-on training is provided. After 30 hours of training, a final test to be taken where the initial and final results will be checked, and the employee will be given recommendations and special certificates.





Kuvandikov Begzad

Specialist of the Department of the "Virtual Reality" Training process of the TECHNOPARK LLC Training Center.

The virtual reality room has been created within the TECHNOPARK LLC Training Center, and today virtual reality equipment is widely used in all spheres to train employees in their duties. The system of this equipment operation is as follows: The employee's workplace is loaded into virtual reality with video capture and a virtual zone is created. Using special equipment such as sensor gloves, virtual glasses and other equipment, the employee is immersed in this virtual environment; With the help of sensors, all actions of the employee are monitored and controlled, and in this virtual zone the employee is trained as in a manufacturing enterprise.