About Company

   TEXNOPARK LLC is a group of industrial enterprises focused on implementing the tasks assigned by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to establish high-tech, competitive, export-dependent and import-substituting industries.

   TEXNOPARK LLC was established on June 10, 2019.

   The goal is to arrange production of import-substituting industrial products and household appliances in a broad line, and to create new jobs.


Currently, 13 production facilities operate on the territory of TEXNOPARK LLC:

- Electronic gas meters (brand "Osten", "Pietro Fiorentini" Italy)
- Household refrigerators (“SAMSUNG” brand, Republic of Korea)
- Industrial air conditioners and cooling systems (brand "SHIVAKI", Japan)
- Elevators and escalators (brand "Osten", "Shanghai Mitsubishi", China)
- Water pumps (brand "LEO", China)
- Molds and dies (“Texnomold” brand)
- Fittings and accessories for doors and window frames ("Eser Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş." "Metalix Dis        Ticaret Ltd. STI", Turkey)
- Panel radiators ("Leas" and "Euroimpianti", Italy)
- Steel structures (brand "AVANT")
- Industrial refrigerators and freezers (brand "SHIVAKI FRIGO COOL")
- Washing machines (brand "SHIVAKI", "Samsung", "Artel")
- Sandwich panels with PIR filler (“AVANT” brand)
- Production of copper pipes and copper products (“UzCopper” brand)

It also operates the following divisions:

- for cast iron products
- along paint lines
- for polymer products

  In 2022, it is planned to open new production facilities:

  - Gas boilers (brand "FERROLI", Italy);
  - Heat-insulating materials from basalt stone;
  - HPL panels
  - As well as a logistics center


The implementation of the above projects will make it possible to employ about 10,000 people.

Currently, TEXNOPARK LLC employs more 5 thousand employees. Major partners of TEXNOPARK LLC are world famous companies such as: "Pietro Fiorentini" (Italy) and "Samsung Electronics" (Korea), "Whirlpool" (China), "Shanghai Mitsubishi" (China) etc.

By combining 16 production facilities, as well as a logistics center, TEXNOPARK LLC will become the most advanced and promising complex in Central Asia for the production of industrial, technical, electronic, construction and household products of a wide range, focused on domestic and foreign markets.