About Company

   TEXNOPARK LLC is a group of industrial enterprises focused on implementing the tasks assigned by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to establish high-tech, competitive, export-dependent and import-substituting industries.

   TEXNOPARK LLC was established on June 10, 2019.

   The goal is to arrange production of import-substituting industrial products and household appliances in a broad line, and to create new jobs.


   Currently 12 production facilities are functioning on the area of TEXNOPARK LLC:

- Electronic gas measuring instruments ("Osten", "Pietro Fiorentini" brand names, Italy). Launched on February 29, 2020. 800 jobs have been created. The annual output is 3 million units;

- Household refrigerators ("SAMSUNG" brand name, Republic of Korea). The annual capacity is one million refrigerators. The production process is automated for 70% which allows one finished product to be produced every 19 seconds. The project has no analogues in Central Asia. 1,500 jobs have been created.

- Industrial air conditioners and cooling systems ("SHIVAKI" brand name, Japan). The production capacity is about 80 thousand units. The enterprise is focused on producing industrial air conditioners such as, industrial fluid coolers (chillers), fan coil units (indoor units of industrial air conditioning systems), duct-type air conditioners, cassette-type air conditioners and air handling units (AHU).

- Elevators and escalators ("Osten", "Shanghai Mitsubishi" brand names, China). The annual production capacity of passenger, hospital, freight and panoramic elevators and escalators is 2000 and 500 units, respectively. The enterprise also provides service and dispatching services.

- Water pumps (brand "LEO", PRCh).  The annual capacity of the project is 550,000 units.  200 new jobs were created.  As a result of the project implementation, 4 types, 6 models, 21 modifications (vortex, centrifugal pumps, circulation pumps, submersible pumps) are supplied to the local market and the import of these products has been reduced.

- Moulding press and molds. The annual capacity of the project is 200 units. Molds of any complexity are produced at the TEXNOPARK LLC; high-quality materials and equipment are being utilized.

- Fittings and accessories for doors and joinersEser Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.» «Metalix Dis Ticaret Ltd. STI», Turkey). The project was launched in April 2021. The annual capacity is 6,000,000 units. Four types of products, including ispanilet, cylinder and folding mechanisms, door locks, coreless locks to be produced within the project.

- Aluminum composite panels ("Baililai decorative material Co., Ltd", PRC; "Hdc Hyundai engineering plasticsCo., Ltd.", Republic of Korea, "Shandong Jiarun new material Co., Ltd." PRC). The plant has been operating since April 2021. The production capacity of the plant is 432,000 pieces per year. 80 jobs have been created.

- Panel-type radiators (“Leas” and “Euroimpianti”, Italy). The project launch date is April 2021. The launch of the production made it possible to hire 250 employees. The annual production capacity is 640,000 units.

- Steel structures and sandwich panels (with PIR filler). This project launched in April 2021 allowed to create 350 new jobs. The annual production capacity is 16,000 tons of steel structures and one million sq.m. of sandwich panels.

- Industrial refrigerators and freezers. It has been launched on June 3, 2021. The annual capacity of 75,000 units per year.                                

- Washing machines. Launch date is May 2021. Production capacity per year is one million pcs.
600 new jobs have been created. This production, like many others, is focused on supplying consumer demand in Uzbekistan, and on domesticating export markets.        

   It is planned to open new production facilities:

- Gas hot water boilers (FERROLI brand name, Italy);
- Thermal insulation materials from basalt stone;
- Manufacturing copper pipes and copper products.
- And  a Logistics center


   The implementation of the above projects will provide an opportunity to employ about 10 thousand people.

   Currently,  TEXNOPARK LLC employs about    five    thousand employees.

   The major partners of TEXNOPARK LLC are world famous companies such as: Pietro Fiorentini (Italy) and Samsung Electronics (Korea), Whirlpool (China), Shanghai Mitsubishi (China), Moss Alliance (Switzerland) etc.

   By combining 16 production facilities, and a logistics center, TEXNOPARK LLC will become the most advanced and long-term complex in Central Asia on producing a broad line of industrial, technical, electronic, construction and household products, focused on domestic and foreign markets.