Quality Supervision and Development Department

Deputy Director for Quality Supervision and Development

Mirpulatov Mirakmal Mirkhusanovich

Phone: (+998) 71 210-80-80 2222

E-Mail: mirpulatov.mirakmal@texnopark.uz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mirakmal.mirpulatov

Webpage: texnopark.uz





The number of personnel included in the quality supervision and development department

The number of personnel working in the quality department in production:

Heads of quality department - 15

Quality Engineers - 10

Input control controllers - 20

Interoperable controllers - 200


The number of personnel working in laboratories in production:

Laboratory Heads - 14

Laboratory assistants - 37



The number of personnel working in the direction of IMS in production:

IMS managers - 15 


The main tasks and functions of the quality supervision and development department


The quality supervision and development department of "TEXNOPARK" LLC has at its disposal all production projects in the field of quality in the structure of society, quality control departments and testing laboratories, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, organizes production. To this end, the activities of the department are carried out in five priority areas:

- Provides specialists with the necessary standards for the company's products for projects implemented in society, pursues a policy of introducing international standards into production projects.

For information:

43 production projects were provided with international ISO standards


16 Standards from the International Electrotechnical Commission

Based on the current 123 - GOSTs, products are produced and checked

In order to ensure the harmonization of the requirements for the company's products with international standards, proposals were made for the implementation of 17 international standards in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Ensuring the implementation of quality management systems in the society in accordance with international standards, product certification, including coordination of work on obtaining certificates of conformity from foreign countries


ISO9001: 2015 - quality management system;


ISO 14001: 2015 - environmental management system;

ISO 45001: 2018 - implemented an integrated management system based on

international labor protection requirements, issued international certificates

- Provision of production projects with international, interstate and national standards, metrological support of measuring instruments and testing devices, implementation and management of quality management systems, organization of testing laboratories of production projects in a comprehensive and high-quality manner. Provide practical assistance to production, projects to improve the skills of employees responsible for the industry;



"TEXNOPARK" received gold certificates of the integrated management system according to three standards

On April 30, a solemn presentation of international ISO certificates took place at TEXNOPARK LLC. They were presented by representatives of the international certification body “TÜV Thüringen” (Germany).

6 production facilities of "TEXNOPARK" were awarded certificates of the integrated management system according to three standards:

ISO 9001 - quality management system;

ISO 14001 - environmental management system;

ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

It should be especially noted that "TEXNOPARK" LLC, as a complex of industrial production, separately received three gold certificates. In total, 42 certificates were awarded. According to the international experts of the certification body, this is a historic event, when such a number of international quality marks are awarded at a time.

I want to emphasize that the certificates awarded today are recognized in 180 countries around the world. We are confident that now industrial products and household appliances produced by "TEXNOPARK" LLC will be in even greater demand in the world market.


"TEXNOPARK"LLC  is constantly working to improve the quality of its products and conduct systematic control. Thus, a start was given to technical training of specialists from testing laboratories and quality control departments of "TEXNOPARK" production, according to the new version of the international standard ISO 17025: 2019.


During the training, specialists will learn how to ensure the quality of tests and measurements, in accordance with the requirements of laboratories, as well as how to implement a control system.

The requirements of the international standard ISO 17025: 2019 explain the correct use of test equipment and measuring instruments used in laboratories, the main mechanisms for identifying factors that can adversely affect the results of tests and measurements, and preventive measures to eliminate them.

"TEXNOPARK"LLC  aims to further increase the level of technical efficiency of personnel involved in quality control.


Types of quality control

All products undergo complete control, in production they keep a record of all defects arising in the process of manufacturing the product.

Selective - control of a part of the product, the results of which are valid for the entire batch. This type is preventive, from here it is carried out throughout the production process in order to prevent the occurrence of defects.


Incoming control - checking the quality of raw materials and auxiliary materials entering production. Constant analysis of the supplied raw materials and materials allows you to influence the production of supplier enterprises, seeking to improve quality.

Interoperational control covers the entire technological process. This type is sometimes called technological, or current. The purpose of interoperational control is to check compliance with technological regimes, storage and packaging rules for products between operations.

Output (acceptance) control - quality control of finished products. The purpose of the final inspection is to establish the conformity of the quality of finished products to the requirements of standards or technical specifications, to identify possible defects. If all conditions are met, then the delivery of products is permitted. Quality Control Department also checks the quality of packaging and the correctness of labeling of finished products.


International certifications

*At the moment, negotiations are underway to obtain a Eurasian certificate for other industries.


"Osten" "Smart" gas meters have been certified in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

The successful introduction of high-precision, first-class ASKUG gas meters in Uzbekistan, produced by "TEXNOPARK" on the basis of Pietro Fiorentini (Italy) technology, has aroused the interest of gas supply specialists in neighboring countries.

The Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology under the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the Agency for Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Control under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan state-registered "Osten" "Smart" gas meters. To sum up, "Osten" "smart" gas meters have been approved for use in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.