Sandwich panels (with PIR filler)


Technological equipment from Italy.

 Within the framework of the project, 3 types of sandwich panels are produced (50, 75 and 100 mm thick). For walls, roofs, cold storage, as well as 2 types of structures made of ferrous and light metals.

 LSTK (light steel thin-walled structures) and LMK (light metal structures) are types of frames that are a complex system consisting of galvanized steel profiles with a thickness of 1.5 to 4 mm.

   The composition of the kit includes:

- Rolled steel profiles with mounting holes, cut in accordance with the project;

- Necessary connecting elements, made taking into account the project;

- Fasteners according to specification.

These frames have several significant advantages that allow them to be successfully used in the construction of most of the most common types of buildings and objects



Galvanized profiles for LMK:

  • They have a low specific gravity;
  • Compact (convenient for logistics);
  • Differ in high geometric accuracy;
  • Easy to install (speeds up the construction process);
  • There is no need for painting;
  • In combination with CMP, they make it possible to build durable and inexpensive buildings.


From LMK erect:

  • Outbuildings;
  • Warehouses;
  • production shops;
  • Temporary offices and ABK;
  • Trade pavilions, booths;
  • Livestock farms;
  • Garages and hangars;
  • Wall partitions.

Megacities and large cities will grow upwards - this is the global trend. This necessitates paying increased attention to the features of building facilities in areas with increased seismic activity, issues of strength, reliability and manufacturability of buildings and structures, as well as other relevant aspects of capital construction.



Our production complex allows us to offer such types of services as:

  • construction of structures of any complexity;
  • a wide range of products and services used in the construction of high-rise buildings.


   Здание по производству


"TEXNOPARK" specialists have all the necessary skills for the design and construction of such buildings and structures.

 Metal structures are easy to assemble and demonstrate. In addition, if necessary, in the future it is possible to carry out redevelopment of the building without stopping the main workflow.


We strive to make our design solutions and technologies as useful as possible in practice and make life better!


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