Manufacturing copper pipes and copper products

In the context of the accelerated development of the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, within the framework of a dynamically developing industry, the level of provision of the electrical industry with copper pipes and copper parts is of particular importance. The establishment of a production facility for producing copper pipes at TEXNOPARK LLC is to a large extent able to meet the demand of the domestic market, as well as to conduct export supplies.


The main objectives of the project:

- organizing a high-tech enterprise;

- meeting the needs for copper pipes of industrial enterprises;

- attracting foreign investment;

- manufacturing export-oriented products;

- high quality assurance;

- releasing competitive products that meet international standards;

- cost reduction;

- creating new jobs.


Copper pipes are in demand when laying hot and cold water supply systems when organizing heating systems. They are also used for transporting gas and compressed air, in hydraulic systems for oil supply, in refrigeration units for supplying freon, in underfloor heating systems. In addition, copper pipes are used when connecting technological equipment, for condensate drain and other needs.


Copper is cost-effective, moulding and bonding reduces installation time, material and overall costs.

Copper tubes produced by TEXNOPARK LLC are not only a high-quality non-ferrous product characterized by a long service life. It is a product characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional thermal conductivity. In addition, copper tubes are completely impermeable to gaseous and fluid media.

Copper is ductile. Copper tubes bend perfectly, take and keep its shape.

Smooth bends allow the pipe to follow contours and angles at almost any angle.



Copper tubes connect easily. Copper fittings are smooth, neat, durable and have sealed joints. This eliminates unnecessary thickness and weight.

The copper tube does not burn and does not support combustion, does not decompose to toxic gases. Therefore, it does not spread fire through floors, walls and ceilings.

Copper is reliable. Copper tubes are manufactured according to well-defined compositional standards and are permanently marked.

Copper is 100% recyclable. Copper stands alone as

an engineering material that can be processed without deterioration in content and properties.


Copper pipes are easy to install as it is flexible: it is easy to cut and bend. Copper does not require welding: copper pipes can only be connected by soldering. This allows to reduce significantly the time for installing copper pipes.


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